Wistful winds

Walk with me winds.
 Wander with me waters.
 Rise with me mountains,
      and let us meet the climbing sun,
      climbing upon thy peaks into mine eyes to sit
      amidst all else his light does warm.
 Rest with me weary creeks:
      always you are murmuring,
      always you are flowing,
      falling far from these high up crests,
      loosed by the heat of day.
 Listen to me, forest deep,
      and drown my words in your silence.
 Embrace me all you woodland creatures:
      let us forget our fear of one another.
 Join with me all fields and mounts,
      all rivers and rocks.
 Sing with me birds and breeze.
 Lament with me weeping ridges:
      thy tears have torn thy sides to shreds.

 O Earth, in your bosom my thoughts were bred,
 And my feelings from many old hungers were led.

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