Wispy Wild Way

Wisdom is the wispy, wild way
That winds through the waste of being
Without wimpering, with no wasting
Of time in a whirling wind
That wakes the good that's small,
So little in the welter and weeping.
But we serve the greater way,
Though it's narrow and young and nearly gone;
Though we've already known waiting
That feels like death in life. 
Oh, we've known in moments past
The passing power of a sudden seeing,
And now, we seek in solitude
And in company, the emptiness of bliss,
And the fulness of a subtle splendor
I see without and within altogether.

Featured image: ‘The Gust of Wind,’ by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1872), image in the public domain.

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2 thoughts on “Wispy Wild Way”

  1. Wisdom orders all things well! She passes through holy souls in every generation! She rightly interprets the past and infers the things to come! She’s more desirable than great riches! Seek her as you would for hidden treasures.


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