We All Die Young

 We all die young,
 All before our time –
 Ever there is more,
 Ever we’ve to do.
 On death’s bed
 Or upon its hour, 
 Regret remembers
 All we’ve to do.
 And happiness –
 It hungers for more;
 Though oft we fail,
 Though most we’ve mourned.
 Still rasping is Despair,
 While it tries to scream
 Or whisper bitter things
 (Our heart’s a nest
 Of all that kills).
 Even so Joy,
 It still constant sings
 Louder than the screams.
 So Life can live,
 And Death can come.
 But never is the hour
 For Death to require
 The loss of all
 We’ve indeed acquired –
 Virtue, skill, and others –
 Death, these are not
 Ever yours to scour.

Featured image: Painting by Louis Gabriel Blanchet of the ancient sculpture of the Dying Gaul, sculpted by Epigonus.

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4 thoughts on “We All Die Young”

  1. I remember a Jesus film in which one of the listeners responded to His deep truths by admitting to everyone there “I do not know what He is talking about.”


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