The Sky and the Sun

The sky, it is orange, like a fruit,
  succulent, ripe for picking,
    and eating, and bleeding sweet.
Charge my passions with the cost of red;
  no lover gained my soul
    like the sky bleeding red.
I am burned now with the ravishness 
  that Nature lavished within her chest,
    hidden for the Sun's setting I witness.
Hiding behind the mountains far,
  stronger than the Earth right here,
    but bashful still in the mountains' rear.
O the Sky and the Sun bleeding there!
  What ritual does the day's end mark
    with the Light ending bloodier?
Will you rise again, O Lover,
  will you rise and meet the Earth at morn?
    Will you show my eyes sorrow's cure?
Reveal, reveal, what's hiding there:
  All the loves of the world here,
    shining right through my fear.

Featured image: ‘Sunset Over the River,’ by Albert Bierstadt, image in the public domain.

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