The Shapes

The shapes that Nature makes enrapture through and through,
And there is no end to the inventivness therein.
A single tree against the sky can be my meditation for a thousand years -
And the clouds passing by, they may make it a million yet!
Captures and holds for long delights the passing forms of Nature's passage
Through what I know not - we call it time - but "It" is nameless.
What goes and stays cannot be seen by the eye and yet it is all "things."
We speak to satisfy our hungers, but are silent in our contemplations,
And I can find no end to the endlessly ending dharmas of living minds,
Passing to and fro like the froth of the sea,
Splashing and whipping up algae and salt -
I taste what I see! And I hear what I feel! All my senses come crashing to the center
Where I rest like the core of the Earth, which ever turns round its center -
I know not where, yet I know you are there,
O little things that collect into the world -
I know not where, yet I know you are there,
Namelessness that births little things with little names.

Featured image: ‘Bay on the Coast of Fehmarn,’ by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1913), image is in the public domain.

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