The Nightmare’s Voice

Nature is full of every shade
Of a bright to darker color,
And cannot be thus bottled up 
In the borders of some small mind
To be one or the other thing.
But, whatever you may affirm,
She cries a great and terrible
“AND!” – 
“I am beautiful
     I am hideous.
I am compassionate
     I am cruelty.
I am generous
     I am greed.
I am the fulness of life
     I am the vessel of death.
I am your dream
     And I am your nightmare.”

Featured image: ‘Storm on the Matterhorn,’ by Albert Bierstadt (1886), image in the public domain.

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2 thoughts on “The Nightmare’s Voice”

  1. Yes, God’s creation can whisper peace, and turn and scream terror. All hinged upon repentance from wickedness and turning to holiness. He makes the garden of Eden a wilderness, or the wilderness a garden of Eden all dependent upon those hearts dwelling therein. And, His long suffering is kind, but misjudged by the wicked. Beautiful word picture, Beautiful depiction of nature. Beautiful painting. Still lurking, frightening realities! Fear the Lord and depart from evil!


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