The Myths of Man

 You who mock the myths of man,
       Tell to me the tale you’d tell
       To make the vast perceptual frame
 Of our minds fit the World’s span,
       As the sea fits the contours of land
       As it rises above the waves.
 So the gods arise our lives to plan;
       To make sense of the seen and the done
       Amidst the tumble of the tribe.
 And as Reason puzzles does ban,
       So our deeper depths rise and change
       Us each moment to a careful state.
    Conflict balanced between light and the dark:
    Revelation of the path of Life’s first spark.

Featured image: ‘Yggdrasil, the Mundane Tree,” from a plate included in the English translation of the Prose Edda by Oluf Olufsen Bagge (1847).

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2 thoughts on “The Myths of Man”

  1. No evidence means no reality? No clear perception equals non existence? I hear the logic nearly every day. If we have no ignorance then we have no need for science.

    • I would assume that you would agree that we do have ignorance, which means we would need to think about the world and we would need science. But it is tricky to figure out what to do with all those aspects of our intuitions that don’t come from our intellects, since I think it is clear that these have continued to be somewhat mysterious to us.


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