Winter Was a Friend All Too Kindred

If I have sent for Spring by an ill-advised and troubling letter(without a second thought, forgetting Winter was a friend all too kindred)that wanted all the less dreary flowersand warbled cries of little birds filching seeds,and sprouting trees pushing life into the air from air reformulated,and all the fecund amorousness,purging death’s constant sheering remindersthat Winter …

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When all the winter winds have faltered, and the days reclaim the light; when all the fields are fully flowered, and the woods thick with greeny weight; when the sun is warm against the skin, and the air friendly again; when the birds begin their mating din, and life seeks to life attain; when hope …

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March Sunset

Image of a sunset over the mountains.

The Sun has lit a fire in the evening clouds And burns, burns a flame of orange hue, Warming my heart along with sweet bird song. Welcome, March, my soul with Spring imbue. O Sun of Spring, long have you been held deep In Winter’s dark, cold embrace, Let out less often from the hidden …

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