Can I bring down the stars within my heart
 And there let them burn with fusion hot,

 Fueling my soul for as many billion
 Years long of light and life as our Sun

 Has set in motion the Earth’s long flight
 Through time, again and again, day and night,

 Through which the narrative of rock and gene
 Has made visible this marvelous scene?

 Like so, may such magic be worked in me
 As the stars have wrought to make me be –

 That from so simple elements be forged
 All the terrains and atmospheres merged
 On distant horizons where skies are submerged.

 As I watch this Universe take form,
 I hope it shapes the same in me reborn –
 That though in life sorrow makes forlorn,
 The Mind may imitate and be as unborn –
      Deathless in the Waste;
      Wonder to the Taste.

Featured image: Photo looking into the core of the Milky Way, by NASA, public domain.

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