Say No More

Say no more when life burns with time
  the pleasures I find in rhyme;
Whether of words, or of passions timing
  their rhythms to passions' sighing. 
Say no more when pain is the due
  of the burns that time impressed on you - 
For their mark is worthy of its cost,
  and their depth earns what lost.
Say no more but read the motions carved there
  since nothing was held back to spare -
And all the heavens bear witness now
  that here was one scourged below
  for all he desired to know.
When you see all this: do not weep -
  all is well, my soul I keep.
When you wonder then, just wonder -
  Say no more, my friend, say no more.

Featured image: ‘The Lone Tree,’ by Caspar David Friedrich (1822), image in the public domain.

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