Round The Table

Round the table take your place,
I'll tell a tale long and sad.
You'll weep and ponder at the manner
In which life can squeeze out joy
And leave a bitter rind of despair.
Take pleasure in each recited verse,
I'll capture the pain in a pouch of poesy
And give to you a better sorrow than 
The sorrow consumed when the tale had happened.
You'll bound within when the hero conquers,
And moan and groan when he falters.
You'll be awash with the graces of the muses
That fill my mouth with careful song,
Woven by the tongue into the heart's fabric,
Linking word with soul, each living heart.
And when you go out this late night,
And rest for the weary day to come,
Look forward to this again, my friends,
The telling of tale at the night's table:
Let the dawn awake with awareness
Of all the mysteries fallen into your ears -
May you know the wisdom of all the years.

Featured image: ‘Romantic Landscape,’ by Jozsef Rippl-Ronai (1899), image in the public domain.

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