Rambling Through Space

Held up on high the world breathes
and matches the beat of my cadence
while I sit down below and look up
and the life in me times with the motion
that spins above.
                              I have no less a hope
than whatever is given in the moment,
by and by, it is only ever now
and you cannot tell me other-wise, 
though you try and never quit,
devilish in your charm.
                                         I am held captive
by the way I move in within your hold:
where else could I go? you are the height
and I the depth, no space for me to rest
where thou cannot keep your place.
                                                                Know I 
not my own way? apparently you have ended that
dream, made within me, to be, to be, to be:
I am not that, I am this, I cannot hide.

Featured image: ‘Clouds in Finland,’ by Konrad Krzyzanowski (1908), image in the public domain.

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