Rainy Wood

It smells like the woods soaked in rain,
  Earthy and dirty,
With the sound of the soil's watery gain,
  A deep inhale of breath.

The shadow of the clouds rests heavy here,
  Drowning all in grey -
So all the green leaves slowly disappear,
  Fading into twilight. 

But whether clouds grow thicker or sun lower,
  I know not in the haze.
The rain moves with the winds that shudder,
  A haunting murmer,

Filling with sharply soft echoes the ears,
  The mourning of water.
The trees are lost in the mist of tears,
  thickening the fog.

No rest is like that calm and comfort rare
Of the rain in the forest for which I care.

Featured image: ‘Rain’ by Vincent van Gogh (November 1889), image in the public domain.

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