Descending down the high dome
  of the sky that curves eternity
  into eyes that in glory see
the light of all the spheres come -

Manifested of oceans subtle,
  and bent by endless attraction
  into round realms of living action
where drama and death orbit and roll

On and on never ceasing
  never letting the living not live
    nor the dying not die
  not asking but making survive
in the cycle of suffering.

Take heart in all the wideness of things
  and in their beauty.
  Our pain is hid in the sea
of the stars - all which each other ring
with a long song of sorrow they sing.

Featured image: ‘Galaxy UGC 2885,’ by the European Space Agency (6 January 2020), licensed under creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en

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