Oceanic Meditation

  On a day wet and weary, when all was grayish,
down to the coast I went to ponder.
I watched the ocean swells rise and sweep away
the sands that time has shaped to pieces
that alone are not but together are the shore.
And I find myself wandering by the waves
and I feel the ages themselves witness in me
this same sight I see, but eternal
in their extent. My life is but a flash
of lightning that passes and may sound a thunder
but then is gone and cannot be retrieved.
Odd it is how the waves are both forever there and gone again.
The surface of the sea is made of them always
but not one lasts longer than the life I leave.
This whistling wind is everlasting too,
but each passing gust gives a timlier gift:
The voice of the Nameless that ever seems to speak.
Words too, these pass away, but are repeated,
and though they flit and fly on past, they grasp
onto more enduring things. So this world is full of waves
and all the whole's an ocean, where I and thou walk on down
the shore of an endless motion.

Featured image: ‘Rocky Coastline,’ by Franz Xaver Hoch (1899), image in the public domain

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