Musings on the Sky

The following are separate blocks to be read individually.

Calmer is the cascade,
  the water that rolls and falls
    down the weathered hills,
Than the mind in its rote.
The moon shines and spills
  out its glad gifts
    gifted by the sun -
So the heart loves that's loved.
The sun shines and is blinding,
  even so, it's blocked by hand,
    a small, small hand.
So the mind cannot see its heart,
  blocked by words and thought.
Steady are the many stars -
  by their mark we navigate the earth,
    For nothing here endures so long,
Look, see that the stars occur in a firmer frame
  that tells a change from the same.

Featured image: ‘Twilight Moon,’ by Charles Burchfield (1916), image in the public domain.

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