Mourning Song

I am Virgil’s dream
Of an empire without
End. I am the noble 
Cry of Langland for England’s 
Christian way. And I, too,
Am Langston, protesting
The unjust bounds of men.
I am all the mourning songs
Sung by those under wrong.

Featured image: ‘William Langland, as depicted in a stained glass window at the parish church of St Mary the Virgin in Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire,’ photo taken by Wikimedia user ‘Lepidus Magnus’ (March 31st, 2008),

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2 thoughts on “Mourning Song”

  1. Lots of weeping these days as darkness spreads across the earth. Jesus, please provide us oil in our hearts and keep our lamps burning through the night. I’m happy we shall see you soon! Come, Lord Jesus!


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