Little Images

Some little corners of the imagination
  I hold so very dear -

They haunted me when I was young
  with a delightful cheer:

a desk chock full of maps and relics
  and an explorer's gear;

a library brimming with ancient books,
  and the dust of many a year;

a dark wood study lit in candlelight
  with secrets hid in little nooks;

a naturalist's tent with journals and bones
  and insects dried on hooks;

a mansion, medieval and magnificent, 
  made of olden stones;

an attic made of memories in boxes
  and photographic tomes;

So many in my memory do rhyme,
and pluck the string of my feelings with time.

Featured image: ‘Still Life with Books,’ by an unknown Dutch master (c. 1628), image in the public domain.

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