Lightly Held

Some cosmic power dwells in me,
  But lightly held, so lightly held.
And I have no wish except to be
  In the midst of stars lightly held.

With a cut and a slip life leaves
  And to anywhere returns not.
How calm is the Earth that frees
  Life from nothing to nothing's lot...

But while Life is, the world's made
  Anew in the mirror of the muse,
An image formed from the shade
  And the light of this passing ruse.

And each moment mind the way
  That all things fall through the eye,
Like rain through the air and the ray
  Of sunlight - like the empty sky
  Is lightly, O so lightly held.

Featured image: ‘Haystacks Under a Rainy Sky,’ by Vincent Van Gogh (1890), image in the public domain.

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