I do not like how things fade -
  they fade too fast for me;
I couldn't dream of a thing made
  of eternal stuff and ardor.

Slow the soul loses its luster;
  it cannot halt gravity - 
The downward force crushing her,
  and the blood drips down.

That blood lost was life and truth,
  all else is lesser.
What can compare to the truth?
  It has no greater prior.

It's not made of thought or image:
  it's all that rests under,
That which makes the world a stage,
  a platform and not a void.

Featured image: ‘Fading Light,’ by Eliot Gruner (1912), image in the public domain.

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2 thoughts on “Fade”

  1. Isaiah 65:22 – Great promise!

    I was just talking about the spiritual versus the physical this last week.


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