Cosmic spheres

The Moon sits starkly in a cloudless sky,
 While Venus calmly rests nearby to lie 
 Between the points of the white crescent shape,
 The cosmic arch of a grey shadowed gape.

 And I see no Sun but its fading light,
 Orange and pale, on the billowed height,
 Set upon a round-edged blurred horizon
 Of a globular Earth spun on attraction,
 Shadowing that far distant moon’s face,
 And marking its pace by the solar trace.

 Upon a sphere observing spheres – ‘tis magic
 To see! This dance is endlessly dramatic.

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4 thoughts on “Cosmic spheres”

  1. God made the sun ☀️ , moon 🌙 and stars ✨ and appointed them to light our way, to inspire reflections of His greatness, to know His ways, to stand in awe of His and their beauty. I’m grateful you marvel at His works!


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