Tarry here on these mountains long
  And the sky will swallow up your eye
And fill your brain with a lingering song,
  And calm the heart that fears and cries.

Is there no balm here to cover up my wounds?
  The Earth and Sea and Sky hold some medicine,
And I hear them offer it in the quiet sounds
  Of the land that bears up its sorrows and mine.

I am comforted by these wonders,
  And there is endless consolation
In the reaches of the eye that glances
  From Ocean to Range to Range again.

The greater Cones with tempers ages long -
These are the gods of heaven and the earth,
Mightier spirits far than of thunders and storms:
Can the air that rushes beat the earth that heaves?
But the ageless solidity hidden sometimes
In fiery anarchy is grounding for me:
That there is no war between the pains and surges
And that calm serenity of happiness.
But more so, they break the bread
And serve to me the wondrous meal
Of wonder I hunger to fill with this sup
Where my eyes are the mouths that take.
What is thankfulness but happiness in a gift?
And so I pretend the heights can hear
The surge of life they've granted to me
Pounding in my blood, the heart set free.

Featured image: “Mount Rainier, Bay of Tacoma,’ by Sanford Robinson Gifford (1875), image in the public domain.

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