The mountains long have held my mind,
  brought me and bound me to their boundlessness.
Surely I could not utter a word to move them,
  nor lift an arm to budge them.
Were half the world to unleash their bombs and explosives,
  then, yes, maybe a lone mount might move.
But I relish the wildness I cannot remove
  nor bend to my chattering will.

Monuments to the monstrous ages
  that open like a void beneath our feet,
    a vast openness without the borders of clocks and deadlines.
Wild time here equals the wild space;
  we cannot conquer it,
    but we have conquered ourselves.
Though we dwell, small yet strong, in the wide world,
  even to bring the Earth itself under our sway,
    before the ages we our weakened.

Featured image: ‘Rocky Mountains,’ by Max Cornelius (19th century), image in the public domain.

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2 thoughts on “Boundless”

  1. Yup! So true! Isaiah 65:22 is encouraging, but the mountains only melt like wax in the presence of the Lord! Psalm 97:5


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