A Beautiful Place

I walk under the sky so wide and deep,
  endless blue and clouds far spread. 
When the sun rises or falls, I reap
  with my eyes a sight to stun the dead
awake - into them a new life might seep.
And under this changing firmament
  is scattered hills and mounts without end,
with plains unrolled as a vast blanket
  to cover the Earth's nakedness,
to reveal all the silent starlight.

How rich it is for the soul that sees!
  But then I come to the human race,
And I cannot tell how it may please
  me, as I know the faults we embrace,
how under the same sky violence does not cease.

For the Earth can be such a beautiful place:
Now we rend it with war with no sign of grace.

Featured image: ‘Khoutor, Evening, Summer, Ukraine,’ by Ivan Pokhitonov, image in the public domain.

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