Evolutionary Aesthetics: Part II

In the last essay, we tackled the evolutionary elements that were necessary for life to follow to arrive at where we are, as human beings who can experience the world consciously. We are trying specifically to arrive at poetry, or the poetic use of language. But that does require getting through some other territories first. …

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This pain of thine is thick in my blood; It has bitten hard upon my heart, And it will not let go. It is a bulldog, and strong’s its hold. I bleed through my chest; guilt comes out To equalize our suffering and Mute my naked happiness. I am an exposed nerve of pain At …

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An Epitaph

From now on the passing memory, The fond and wistful story, And the silent written word Are all that shall henceforth record All the long days, blissful and sad – But yet they miss what once we had. Featured image: ‘Cemetery with Whalebone Grave Markers,’ by Betzy Akersloot-Berg (1`919), in the public domain.