Satan Going Forth From the Presence of the Lord

The lurid pleasures of defianceLure my soul to make allianceWith darker and forboding foesThat care no wit for fleeting souls.Memory is their armada,Recalling doomed bravadoBy which we face torment,Till pluck could no more fomentOur hearts the world’s woes endure.Now we are held secure,By bitterness bound in chain,The greater woe of our refrain:The crueler fate of …

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Child of the Cosmos

That, O child, is the Cosmos – Beautiful but fierce, Cruel and compassionate. Qualities that are in us Manifested without peace In wasting conflict… Ever they are unresolved, Rarely be they redeemed. Featured image: by NASA, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, UGC 1810 (larger galaxy in photo) and UGC 1813.